Start Investment
Build confidence with Microsoft Dynamics 365

We have a range of investment packages available for your business to take you on board with Microsoft Dynamics 365. These packages are designed to give you the flexibility to choose a path that suite you better based on your situation.

We recommend that if you have not worked with Dynamics before, start with a minimal investment and build your confidence with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Once you have seen the product or your demo in detail, take a free consultation to discuss your requirements further.

Starter Pack


  • Set up a trial instance
  • Product Intro
  • Helpful links and Blogs
  • 6 hours of training
  • Free consultation for your specific requirements

*Recommended for 1-10 users
When: you have seen or heard Microsoft Capability but not have experienced yourself much

AUD 1,499

Project Kick Start Pack


  • Set up a trial instance
  • Free Consultation for your specific requirement
  • 5 days of implementation
  • 2 days of training
  • 1 month free on-call support or 2 onsite support tickets

*Recommended for SME & Governments Dept
When: You already know Microsoft Capability but don’t know how to start the project.

AUD 2,999

Have a Project? Need Consultancy?