If you have existing customer data in spreadsheets or another CRM or are looking to upgrade to Dynamics 365, we are happy to help! We have experience with data migration from a number of different CRM systems, and can ensure you don’t lose any of your valuable data when you make the change. We also provide advice and guidance on the best approach, to help save you time and money, and make the transition as smooth as possible.
Data Migration

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Data Migration - Muhammad Asimuddin CEO A Dot Dynamics

Data Migration A Dot Dynamics. Data Migration

Data Migration
from Spreadsheets

If you are currently using spreadsheets to store your customer data, or if you have dumped data from an old CRM into spreadsheets, then we can help you clean it up and move it into Dynamics 365. We can make decisions about the fields you’ll need in Dynamics 365, and guide you in the work involved in tidying up your data for a clean import.

Data Migration
from another CRM

We have worked with CRM software for last couple of years, and have a good understanding and experience of the structure of data in a number of different CRM systems. We are can talk through how to best move your data and business processes from your current CRM to Dynamics 365, ensuring you retain the key functionality of your current CRM, and full integrity of your data.

Data Migration
Upgrade to Dynamics 365

We can work with you to find the best solution to upgrading to Dynamics 365 from an old version. Depending on the extent to which you have customised your old version of Dynamics, this can either involve data migration, or rebuilding your current (or improved) functionality using the out of the box features of Dynamics 365 to reduce the amount of customisation involved, simplify your CRM, and set you up online for an easier future. Our consultants can talk you through the options and the best approach for your business.

Let's talk Data Migration or Upgrading to Dynamics 365